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1, Understanding Spider Guard

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SPIDER GUARD MASTERCLASS APP 1 OF 5: Learn the hidden principles and strategies for a modern BJJ guard domination.
In this app you'll learn exactly how world class BJJ competitors control and submit their opponents with Spider Guard. Crazy flexibility and athleticism are NOT required.
With these easy-to-use techniques and strategies you'll keep your opponents off-balance and set up your own sweeps and submissions. This is a critical aspect of an aggressive guard, because if your opponent is off-balance and on the defensive all the time then he can't really launch his own guard pass attempts.
You'll learn detailed gripping strategies to control your opponent, lock him down, and make it even more difficult for him to pass your guard or escape your attacks.
You'll get the core drills that will make the spider guard an effective position, allowing you to respond quickly and instinctively to your opponent.
In this app you'll ALSO get amazing gameplans for the two most effective Spider Guard submissions, the Omoplata and the Triangle Choke.
These two attacks show up again and again when world class competitors use the Spider Guard, and they're two of the highest percentage submission techniques out there.
You'll get the blueprints for these submissions. The adjustments and details that make them work against much bigger opponents. You'll also learn the combinations, counters and follow-ups to effortlessly flow around your opponent's defences and submit him no matter how he tries to defend.
Volume 1 of Spider Guard Masterclass goes into detail about the exact grips, techniques and drills to create pressure and control your opponent. This will give you a rock solid foundation for every one of the Spider Guard techniques we’ll be covering in the other apps in this series
Much more than just a random collection of techniques, this is a competition-proven system for building an aggressive, attack-oriented guard.
The Spider Guard is one of the most important positions of modern BJJ.
Using your hooks and grips to create pressure makes it incredibly difficult for someone to pass your guard, and you can use your control to launch a huge assortment of powerful sweeps and attacks to keep your opponents on the run.
The Spider Guard is the favourite tool of many BJJ champions and top competitors including Cobrinha, Keenan Cornelius, Tinguinha, Draculino, Romulo Barral, Marcelino Freitas, Michael Langhi and Leandro Lo.
Now for the first time, in the Grapplearts Spider Guard Masterclass 5 volume series of apps, you can have an exact blueprint for this essential BJJ position.
Your instructors are BJJ black belts Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting, known for their friendly and informative teaching styles. Their approach to the Spider Guard will make it easy for you to learn and absorb the material, and then unleash it on your training partners and opponents in competition.
IntroductionWhat is Spider Guard?PressureGrips & HooksBreaking GripsAttacking BaseBasic MovementsIntroduction to the Triangle Submission ChainFundamental Triangle FinishBig Boy TriangleTriangle ArmbarWristlockInverse ArmbarsKimurasArmbar vs PostureKnock-backs vs PosturePunch Choke vs Hidden ArmTeepee vs Hidden ArmTriangle to Omoplata vs Hidden Arm [FormerlyTriangle Submission Chain: Troubleshooting the TriangleIntroduction to the Omoplata Submission ChainFundamental Omoplata FinishFundamental Finish Follow-upsThe RackSitup vs. RollRe-roll To Reverse Crucifix vs RollRe-roll to Reverse Crucifix Knee TrapSee Saw vs. StepoverSpinning Omoplata vs. StepoverKnee-In Slingshot Sweep vs. Partial StepoverTriangle vs. PostureSwing vs. PostureRollback vs. PostureRollback Kneebar vs PostureRoll Away vs. Knee On StomachWilliams ReRoll vs. Rollunder